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Combining TCM Practices with Western Perspectives

Enjoying better health and lifestyle through TCM Wellness

Treatments We Specialise In

At Guang An TCM, we differentiate ourselves from the rest with unrivaled skills and experience in specific areas to ensure that we remain the best. Each treatment process is also customized to each patient for the best results.


Slimming & Women’s Health

Neck & Spinal Health

Sports Recovery

Tuina / Cupping

Guasha / Moxibustion


Meet Physician Albert Que

Physician Albert Que is renowned in the TCM medical industry with many successes in improving patients' fertility health to conceive. With his specialty in this area, no doubt he has the ability to nurture your health to the best condition!

What Our Customers Say

...Hi Yoyo, the points u mentioned are quite similar to wat Dr Que administered, but he switched ard depending on our body conditions. Dr Que also doesn't believe in acu after ET, cos he said one shd just let the Embbie finds its resting place and implant.
For those trying natural, after the prime period, meaning after ovulation, he will monitor and not administer acu if it is due for implantation. I know some sinseh do acu post ET, so this is one difference I noticed...


Singapore Motherhood Forum

Our Approach

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best medical and herbal resources to achieve natural healing.

Treating with Acupuncture


Our experienced & skillful physicians will treat you with personalised care.

Medicinal Herb

Fresh Herbs

We curate your treatment with the freshest herbs picked and brewed for home delivery



Receive Tuina treatment from our experienced TCM therapists for best benefits


Foot Reflexology

Recover from your fatique or long term achenesss and you will have your body rejuvenized

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